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All is Right in the World

...Or is it?

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Yeah, nothing fancy here. I kinda fail at the whole HTML thing.

I'm a struggling college student, an artist with the occasional self-confidence problem, but at the same time all too willing to show off my artwork. So I guess I've gotten better in that aspect. Most of the stuff I draw is fanart, though. Hope you don't mind that. As for communication, I rarely talk to people on LJ. I prefer instant messengers like AIM and MSN. You'll find that I'm on them 24 hours a day. Life? What's that? I guess I can be clever at times, and awkward at others - especially around new people. Once I get to know you, I'm a lot more bold with the things I say. I'm scared to death of being judged sometimes, and other times I don't give a shit.

I get really excited when I find others with the same interests as myself, but I don't make it a point to force them onto others unless I really know the victim person. I try to keep an open mind about a lot of things, but sometimes, SOMETIMES if you're trying to stuff something down my throat, I won't appreciate it.</small>


Graphics...things, like quizzes and stuff.


Which sporking team member are you?

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